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"Maladolescenza"(1977 ITA/FRA Directed by Pier Giuseppe Murgia)94min.

Me Without Money
Author: Kishibe Shiro
"Maladolescenza" had such an impact on me for its beautiful scores, its cruelty aside from sexual sensation, and its tragic climax followed by Deszo Kosztolanyi's great verse.
I think this film indicates that infancy has malicious aspect contrary to its innocence and, even developing cruelty, easily turns into genuine malice when innocence has been lost. Though usually it should be only a play, those children lost their control over their world and completely changed the summer into dangerous and abnormal one, full of violence and sexual indulgence.
Confronted with the end of the vacation, Fabrizio wanted to stay forever in their empire, while Sylvia declared returning to the reality because it was only transient fever for her. When their play turned out to be a fragile fiction destined to collapse, Fabrizio himself had to bring it to an end (or eternity), which was the end of "Maladolescenza". I think that's why Fabrizio killed Sylvia and released Laura. It's a kind of tragedy but seems to be an inevitable self-destruction, since we know vacation doesn't last forever.
By the way, I'm always wondering what the introductive part means. Why "Iro" the dog suddenly attacked naked Fabrizio? Is it suggesting the bite caused him some mental disorder, or else he already showed some symptom of insanity? I don't know. Anyway, it doesn't matter because the film itself is simply beautiful :)