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The half of this site consists of gentleness. The other half of this site consists of lie. Sorry, this is all shit in the end. Here is MATERIAL EVIDENCE: (^ ^)ノヽξ



問題 解答例
1 飛んでるハエを片手でつかまえられる俺ってクールじゃん? Don't you think I'm cool who can catch a fly in the air with a single hand, do you?
2 ビーチサンダルを片手にポエムを朗読するのが趣味です。 I'm fond of reciting a poem with beach sandals in my hand.
3 わたくしの高邁な計画を邪魔するやつはたのむから死んでほしい。 I aspire for the death of guys who interrupt my profound plan.
4 核戦争後の世界において、頭に「Z」の文字が入った北斗の拳の雑魚キャラみたいなのばかりが生き残ったらそれはそれで萌えー(しかし同時にげぼおっ!) If the world after a nuclear war was survived by only worthless characters who has a stigma of letter "Z" on his head like those in "Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken)", it will be cuuute in a way! (but vomitting, too!)
5 何度も何度も同じこと言いやがって。てめえはテレビショッピングか。 You've been talking to me the same thing over and over again. Are you TV shopping or something?
6 エチゼンクラゲ製のだきまくらで寝苦しい夜も快適にお過ごしいただけます。 With this body pillow made of giant jellyfish (Echizen Kurage), you can spend a comfortable night in the midsummer.
7 このなんだかよくわからない物体を小一時間ひたすらこねてくだしあ。なんだかあやしげな一品のできあがりです。 Keep kneading this unfamiliar thing for over 1 hour, and you can get something suspicious to eat.
8 うちにおいでよ。得体の知れない動物の肉が食べ放題だぜ。 You should come to my house. You can enjoy delicious meat of some unidentified animal to your heart's content.
9 彼の頭皮は雲脂の分厚い層に覆われ、あちらこちらに得体の知れない生物がコロニーを形成していた。 His scalp was covered with massive layer of dandruff and some strange minute living things were forming colonies everywhere.
10 こんなチンゲだらけの部屋で暮らしていては希望も何もあったものではない。 There is no hope as long as I live in this room full of curly hair.
11 我々はジェントルメンだから、ボブが臭いなどと言うべきではないよ。まあ確かにボブは臭いけど。 Since we are gentlemen, we should not say Bob stinks. Actually Bob stinks, though.
12 綺麗なハグキしてたんだね知らなかったよ。 I didn't know you had such beautiful gums.
13 ジョギング中のあなたの笑顔はちょっとありえないぐらい気持ち悪いです。 The smile you show while you are running is incredibly creepy.
14 牛乳を牛から直接飲むなんて彼女はどうかしている。 She must be a nuts to drink milk directly from the cow.
15 失礼いたしますと言おうとすると必ずちょんまげ結いますになります。病気でござるか? Whenever I try to say "Excuse me", I unconsciously say "Execute me". Do you think I'm crazy?
16 「すみません、駅はどちらですか?」
"Excuse me, would you tell me where the station is?"
"I don't care. You must find the answer by yourself."
17 子供にこんな名前をつける親はアホにきまっている。親にこんな名前をつけられる子供もアホにきまっている。 Parents who name their children like this must be morons. Children who are named by their parents like this must be morons, too.
18 公園は乞食で立錐の余地もない。 The park was packed with beggars.
19 真の漢(おとこ)はトイレで洗った手を拭かない。だが漢(おとこ)のなかの漢(おとこ)は手を洗わない。 A real man doesn't dry his hands after washing them in the lavatory. However, a man among men never washes his hands.
20 関西地方で生まれたファーストフードであるタコヤキは、水と小麦粉を主成分とする生地を球形に焼き上げたものにソースを塗り、乾燥した海草の粉末と鰹の破片を振りかけた食べ物です。通常、中核に蛸の破片(貧しい家庭ではこんにゃくやちくわで代用)を宿し、表面はカリカリ、中身は溶岩状になっているため、さながら小さな地球を思わせる。 Takoyaki, a Japanese popular fast food which originated in the Kansai area, is a cuisine that is made from a mixed paste of water and flour, formed into a sphere in a Takoyaki Pan, pasted with sauce, and sprinkled with dried sea weed powder and slice of dried bonito. As Takoyaki usually contains a piece of octopus in the center (this might be substituted by Konnyaku or Chikuwa at poor family), and also because of the crisp surface and lava-like inside, it looks just like a miniature version of the planet earth.