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問題 解答例
1 お前の名前は読めないのでひらがなに改名してもらいたいです。 I would like you to change your name into the one in hiragana because I can't read your name "RIAMU" in chinese character.
2 悲しみを屁に変えて少年は大人になっていく。 A boy will grow older as he changes his sorrow into fart.
3 ひさしぶりにカレー風呂にでも入るか。 Why don't we take curry bathing? It's been a long time.
4 彼のちんこが指示する方向に進めば間違いない。 We can't lose our way as long as we go to the direction his dick indicates.
5 そこの曲がり角を曲がると凶悪な目をした子供がうんこで攻撃してくるので注意が必要です。 You should watch out at the corner because some brutal-eyed kid is waiting there to attack you with shit in his hand.
6 無職っぽいハゲタ男の人がハトを攫っていくのをわたくしは見ました! I saw a bald man who looked like being unemployed stealthily took the dove away!
7 食費を削るため沼でザリガニを獲っているんだ。 I am catching crawfishes in this pond in order to cut down my food expenses.
8 りんごは一個しかないのでゴリラと仲良く奪い合ってください。 Please enjoy your fight with gorilla, because there is only one apple.
9 日本国政府は今後の政策の決定にうらないを導入する方針を明らかにしました。細木うらない大臣の会見をごらんください。 Japanese government has declared to introduce fortune-telling in deciding its policy from now on. Here is the interview with Hosoki Fortune-telling Minister.
10 本日の衆議院本会議において、女子高生の防災用ビキニ着用の義務化を認める法案が可決されました。 The bill which makes it mandatory for school girls to put on anti-disaster bikini has been passed in the plenary session of the House of Representatives today.
11 お前たちのアホナ夏休みもようやく終わり、それぞれのブタゴヤへ戻る時期になりました。 As your foolish summer vacation was finally over, you'd better go back into your respective pig house.
12 何者かに後頭部を殴られて気が付くと、狭い部屋の中に転がされ、目の前に知恵の輪が置かれていた。 When I came to myself after being hit by someone in the back of my head, I found myself lying in a small room, where a puzzle ring was in front of me.
13 かっこいい湿疹だね。まるで水玉模様のようだ。 What a cool rash! It's like polka dots.
14 うむむ、きれいなハグキだなあ。なめまわしたいよ! Hmm, what pretty gums you have! I want to lick them up!
15 きもさを測定する装置があったら君は間違いなく針が振り切れてるだろうね。 If we had a device to gauge creepiness, you would go beyond its maximum scale without fail.
16 彼女のケータイには奇妙な犬のうんこの写真が大量に保管されていた。 We found loads of strange photos of dog's shit in her cell phone.
17 よくわからないけれど、世界一きしょくのわるい趣味だと思いますね。 I don't know well, but I think it is the weirdest hobby in the world.
18 アジスアベバでは辰巳琢郎が静かなブームを呼んでいる。 Tatsumi Takuro is now making a quiet boom in Addis Ababa.
19 日吉ミミはウ●コ」とぼくは風の中で叫びたかった。 I just wanted to shout in the wind that "Hiyoshi Mimi is a sh*t".
20 おまえたちをピンキーソルトと名づけよう。おまえたちはいずれ世界に冠たるビッグバンドになるのじゃ! I shall name you "Pinky Salt". You are destined to be the world's biggest band someday!